Friday, May 23, 2014

The Rehumanization EP

Blog 114: The Rehumanization EP

So happy to finally announce that 'The Rehumanization EP' is finally available on iTunes, amazon, and CDbaby.  I started recording this album last June(2013).  My plan was to record both a full length album and a shorter EP simultaneously, instead of doing 2 days back to back like most Jazz recordings, instead we did shorter days(4 hour sessions) spread out, where we could hit harder and have more time between sessions to figure out what we wanted to fix/clean up.  The end product was 3 separate recording days(June '13, Sept'13 and Jan '14) and two records.  'The Rehumanization EP' is now ready and available!

This EP is the first glimpse into what I've been up to these past few years. The music is intense, emotional, and deals with questioning many things we take for granted in the Jazz genre; including form, structure, style, melody and even the roles of the instruments.   I truly believe this is my first great record and am so happy to finally share it….even happier that in a few more months they'll be another full album to follow.  As of this writing 'The Rehumanization EP' is available for just $3.96 via an error or iTunes, so go pick it up before the price is adjusted and ends up higher.

Secondly, we'll be celebrating the release of this record with a show at Pianos Upstairs Lounge in NYC on Tues May 27th.  Two great bands playing before us; Cantina and Relatives.  Big fan of both these bands, it's going to be an awesome night of music, hope to see you there!  Show starts at 7pm, Crowley hits at 9pm