Sunday, January 26, 2014

Studio Shit

Brad Lays down some background Organ

Blog 111: Studio Shit

Gonna be a busy month.  First I went into the studio last thursday and did some fixes, edits and over dubs on 'The Rehumanization EP'.  We added some organ pads on a track, an extra guitar line and added some cool effects that'll help the transition between tracks.  I'd share more info but I want it to be a surprise.  All that's left now is mixing and mastering, so I can see the finish line.  Besides that, if all goes as planned, next week my good friend Agnes Fohn is going to take some photos.  I've actually never had professional press photos taken, mostly because I hate posing for pictures in general.  I've used some studio photos that were taking back when I did my 1st record back in 2009 for all my press stuff up to this point.  It'll be good to have some new photos.  Agnes takes cool photos so if one looks right, maybe I'll use it for the cover.

On top of the work towards the EP, I'm heading into the Studio again next week to record the last of the tracks for the Full album(which will most likely be released in the summer/fall.  This week we'll be rehearsing those four songs: 'In Dreams', 'Gotta Get Out of Here', 'Still Here', and 'As Long as it Takes.'  We've been attacking four songs per studio date which is working really well.  At the end of this recording day I should have 9 songs total to use for the album(The EP has 4 songs.)  Since the EP will come out first it'll give me more time to do cool studio shit and really tweak the Album and make it perfect, since there's no rush.

Lastly, we must have played well at our Rockwood Music Hall show back in December because they invited us back.  We'll be playing there again Mon March 3rd.  Looking forward to it!  My plan this year: Release Albums, Play Shows, Make Great music.

OH and I redesigned my actual website, Check it out:


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