Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Album #3: Recording Day 1

Blog #108: Recording Day 1

So our first recording session went really well.  It was fairly different than the ones I've done in the past.  For starters since it was shorter; take away the hour set up/sound check it was pretty much 3:00-6:00pm.  Everything was first takes, we'd play a song, go into the control room and listen to the track and then immediately try to fix anything.  IE if the trumpet missed a high note on the melody at the end of the tune or if the bass played a wrong note etc.  It was nice to work on the tunes pretty much one at a time and it was a fast pace.  All the musicians did a great job being focused and playing their asses off.  We recorded 6 songs...5 of them are pretty much set and ready to go for the record.  The 6th tune was the first song that we attempted that day and it just felt a little tense, so we'll hit that one again at the next recording session.

I've been listening back to the songs we recorded and I'm really happy with them, I feel like we've got a badass record on our hands, and we're playing music in a style that no one else does.  Can't wait to get this thing out!

Now I'm about to go out of town for all of July, and then Brad(piano/keyboard) is gone all of August with Regina Spektor on tour, so our next recording date will be September.  Hopefully we'll record another short day then, and then a final day early October.  Then it'll just be editing, mixing, mastering, and working on the overall sound and presentation of the record.  I'm thinking of having a very limited amount of actual CDs printed since I do pretty much all download sales these days, maybe do some USB sales instead of CDs...would also save some money and save me some space in my apartment so I wouldn't have boxes of CDs pilled up :P

That's it!