Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Songs with (unsung) Lyrics

Songs with (unsung) lyrics

Just got back to Brooklyn from spending a week in PA for Thanksgiving.  It was nice to relax a bit and just be out of the city for a while.  If you've been a frequent visitor of this blog you may have noticed that I haven't been writing entries as much these days.  If you've been reading for a while you've also probably noticed how often in years pasts my blogs were just ranting complaints about the Jazz world, musicians, the scene etc.  So my more sparce entries these days have a bit to do with not trying to write those sort of posts too often, not that my feelings towards those things have changed at all.  I could just as easily write another post about how I feel Jazz musicians THINK they are the most creative musicians on the planet, while in fact most are happy imitating styles past and regurgitating cliches....but i'm not going to write about that :)

What I will share, is that I've been practicing as hard as ever and writing more and more music.  Something interesting that's happening in my song-writing, is a more alternative rock vocabulary is really coming through and is now affecting my improvisational vocabulary too.  It is easy to brush off different rock or pop styles as just 'simple' but they have their own classic phrases, resolutions etc just as bebop (or even avant garde music).  One thing that I've tried to do recently with newer compositions is to write "songs" using almost 'chorus-verse' forms(though I do also like to experiment with those forms and structures too, and never play them just straight down).  I've thought about writing lyrics for several years now, but I've never really been great about expressing feelings or stories in song-form.  Instead, I've always preferred to title music after a feeling or specific event or moment in my life and then try to express those feelings just with music.  With many of my newer tunes I've started to write melodies that would be singable and develop as if there WERE lyrics, IE I will have a melody develop and make add an extra note to account for another syllable in a vocal line....a syllable to a lyric that is never written.  So in a way I'm writing music with Lyrics, but just not every writing any lyrics.  This may sound weird.  I've thought about maybe going back to some of these songs and writing lyrics, which wouldn't be too hard, considering I know what all these songs are about and their titles illustrate a story or topic already.  That said, writing lyrics is still a pretty daunting and self-exposing task.  Maybe I'll write lyrics to these songs and then just never share them.

If you want an example check out this song:

More on the way!

New shows Added:
Fri Dec 7th @ The Crow's Nest (House Show), Brooklyn
Thurs Dec 20th @ Sycamore Bar and Flowershop, Brooklyn