Friday, June 8, 2012

My new Lawler Trumpet

Blog # 102: My new Lawler trumpet

After 10 years of playing the same trumpet, I finally started playing a different horn.  Months ago i ordered one of Roy Lawler's trumpets: a C7 with a #4 bell.  Essentially the horn is a copy of a large bore Martin Committee but with modern(better) intonation. These were the horns played by Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Blue Mitchell, Art Farmer etc.  I'd read a bunch of reviews and hear people talk and everyone was saying great things about Roy's horns and how he'd really perfected them recently.  So I decided to bite the bullet and placed an order for one with a large 5" # 4 bell, Large bore, 1A leadpipe and had the bell engraved.  It arrived 1 week ago.  The horn is currently in raw brass, and i'm in a trial period, where I play the horn for however long, and then can send it back to Roy to tweak for whatever feature I want the horn to play more like.  Already, I can say its a beautiful dark sounding horn and it feels a lot easier to get my personal sound out of the instrument.  I haven't really been playing Flugelhorn for the past year or so, and this horn can definitely get that darker sound as well as bright high stuff too.  My complaints with my old horn(a bach 43) was that I was fighting the very nature of the instrument to produce my sound.  Anyway, I'm very excited and have very much been enjoying my new Lawler C7-4.  Still getting used to the step-bore and the fact that I'm using a Monette B5 mouthpiece with such a large bore instrument, but I will adjust in time.  Can't wait to play some shows with my new horn.


  1. Do you have any clips of you playing the Lawler, Audio or video? Thanks.

  2. I'm playing my Lawler on this entire album:
    (and on the youtube clips 'Let Go' and 'Revisited') Thanks for listening!