Sunday, May 27, 2012

NEW Website

I FINALLY have my own website up and running.
I've owned the site name for a while(4 yrs), but just never got it together and made an actual website.  So I spent all this last week designing it myself, uploading photos and audio, bios, band info, gigs; past and present, email contact info etc.  Opened up an online store to sell my CD's, including handmade bootlegs of some live shows this year.  I linked my existing pages(bandcamp and blogspot) to my main website too.  This is all an attempt for me to get my shit together, get organized and get my music out there more.  I'd like to do more performing of my original music and I think this website will help people connect with me more directly.  My email and contact info is on the site, feel free to email me questions, comments, love letters or hate mail.  I accept it all with a smile.

Anyway, please check out my website, let me know what you think, i'll be refining it over the next few weeks


1 comment:

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