Thursday, March 15, 2012

FREE Download of Sycamore Show

Blog #98: FREE Download

Here's a live show I did with my band last Thurs @ Sycamore in Brooklyn. Sycamore is a a bar(and Flowershop during the day), that has a basement space where they put on shows of all different kinds of music. It is a really small room, which bench seating, that feels like a dark wine cellar. The show was really intimate: probably on 15 people and mostly just close friends. I know when I was playing it felt like I was doing something directly for those people who have supported me, and I really tried to dig deep and give them something special.

I think the show came off that way. There was a lot of energy, passion and also some very personal quiet musical moments too.

I thought my new song 'Gotta Get outta Here' came off particularly well:

Here is the full show:

You can listen or Download the whole show for FREE.

Heart of Darkness:

Jon Crowley - Trumpet, Compositions

John Beaty- Alto Sax

Brad Whiteley- Keyboard, laptop

Julian Smith- Bass

Nick Anderson - Drums

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