Monday, January 16, 2012

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Blog #96: 'Heart of Darkness' live @ Freddy's Bar and Backroom; Brooklyn

Just played a show this past Friday night with a new band of mine called 'Heart of Darkness'.(or Jon Crowley's Heart of Darkness). Pretty amazing, we rehearsed for the first time that afternoon, it was the first time even I played a few of the tunes since they were brand new, all originals of mine. Also, most of the guys in the band had even met before. Wow: Jazz is pretty amazing sometimes. We made some mistakes on the melodies, but the energy and vibe were awesome.

Jon Crowley- Trumpet
John Beaty- Alto Sax
Brad Whiteley- Keyboard
Julian Smith- Bass
George Mel- Drums


You can listen or Download the show for FREE:


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