Wednesday, September 28, 2011 Feature

This week a track from my new album is featured on the website. You can download the track for FREE here:

If you like what you hear, go buy the full album on Itunes, Amazon, or CDbaby. I've already gotten a lot of great feedback.

The Editor of AllaboutJazz had this to say:
This is the first I've heard of Jon's music, and it's an introduction I'm thrilled to make. His sound on trumpet is ethereal, like a strong gust of wind that can be felt but not seen. Wonderful tune. Should appeal to fans of Brian Blade and Taylor Haskins. Jazz from NYC.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playing Gigs

Blog # 88: Gigs

Okay, I'd like to say something that may surprise you. I never really enjoyed playing gigs until recently. I know this may sound weird, considering I've been doing shows with various bands for about 10 years now, so let me clarify that statement: I've always enjoyed playing music, but I've always felt kind of indifferent about performing for people. It wasn't that I disliked performing. I liked it okay, but gigs were more something I felt like I should be doing, because the goal was always just 'to get better'. My goal was to become a great trumpet player and musician. Gigs were a way to play with different people that I wanted to play with. Don't let this confuse the issue though, I love music. I love practicing. I love rehearsing and hanging with the band. I really love playing music with the band(whether its on the stage or not). I live to compose. I love exploring emotional territory through improvisation. Gigs were gigs; just a measuring stick to see where I was at musically, and to see what I needed to work on more in the practice room. If there were people there who enjoyed the music; cool. If they didn't like it; who cares. If it was a light audience: whatever...I was usually more disappointed that this meant less pay.

But this has really changed over the last year. I actually really enjoying playing gigs now. I really like getting up there and trying to tap into something emotional and really actually like playing for people for the first time(maybe ever). I've had more and more interactions with audience members after we play and its been really awesome to talk to them about our music, music in general or just life. I also think having more technical ability on the instrument has freed me up too, so now I can express myself better, which makes performing more fun. I'm also performing music that I like more and playing with people that I'm closer too and this all makes gigs a lot more fun. The gig is now; the rehearsal, the performance and the after-gig hang.(I used to leave quickly after playing before). I had a great time doing a couple tours this year, and I've decided I'd like to do a lot more touring. Excited about the future and where music will take me next.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

'At the Edge' Pre-Release

Blog # 87: CD OUT TODAY

I just wanted to let everyone know that today my new album, 'At the Edge' come out Pre-Release on Itunes, only) and and physical copies available). You can also buy it directly from me if you want a physical copy($15). Just email me: By the end of the month the album will be available on copies) and everywhere else wide-release.

Really excited to share this music with you. It has some amazing NYC musicians on it. Jeremy Udden is on Alto Sax. He has a few albums out on FreshSound and SunnySide, I love his playing, always melodic and tasteful. He's a real improvisor. Ziv Ravitz is on Drums, he plays with everyone and has been touring with Lee Konitz for the past 5 years. Julian Pollack is on Rhodes and Piano, he's someone you'll be hearing about very soon. Julian Smith is on bass. This guy has the thickest, real bass sound. Great player.

The record combines elements of classical minimalism, Indie Rock and Jazz. All originals by me. My favorite part of the record is how all the tracks flow into each other without space between, so its like one long piece of music. I really tried to make a concept album with a distinct vibe to it, not just another jazz record. I think I pulled it off.


Buy it Here on CDbaby

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Check it out!



I'll write a little more about the music of 'At the Edge' in my next entry.