Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Blog 79: Progress

I've been working on the Album a lot since my last entry. Listened to all the tracks a billions times, decided what tunes needed splices and figured out a track order for the CD. I went into the studio Friday and finished all the splicing and edits. Pretty painless and a lot easier than my last album. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from the studio as to when they have some time open for me to come in and work with them on the mixing and mastering. I'll be out of town in July so I'm trying to take care of all this before I leave.

I just emailed my graphic designer(the one that did my last album) with some ideas as to what I want this one to look like. So I'm getting that ball rollin' too. I also took care of all my publishing with ASCAP today. Probably my least favorite part of the process, but good to get it out of the way. Its just a lot of filling out of forms and usually involves me calling the help-line because I can't find my 'user ID #' or 'registration #' or I'm confused about which is which. I think they make it so complicated just to dissuade people from doing it often.

Discmakers(the guys that print up the actual CDs) usually takes about a month to duplicate them so the new record could be available as early as late August(most likely September though). I'm excited about this record, it is just a much more mature musical statement than my last one and I can't wait to get it out there for people to listen to. It is not your typical jazz record, which I'm happy about. It is going to be called: 'At the Edge'. I will explain this title more later.

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