Sunday, June 26, 2011


Blog # 82: Mixed

Friday I went back to Systems 2 studios and worked with Mike Marciano on the mixing for my upcoming album. It was a long day: 11-7pm. Mike is a magician with this kinda stuff, and I'm just there to give the thumbs up or thumbs down on what he does. Mixing is not my favorite part in the process of recording and releasing a CD, in fact, it may be my least favorite part. Listening to any one album for 8 hours straight is pretty tough(though Mike seems to love it), I get sick of hearing the same solos over and over again(even if I really love them). Its such a detailed process, Mike goes through and adjusts everything down to the detailed nuances of the bass drum or snare sound to get them just right. I have trouble hearing the differences when these things are isolated, but when I hear a full finished CD and it isn't mixed right, it can be VERY distracting. A poorly mixed album can really take you out of the moment and enjoyment of the music.

Now I've been back at my apartment listening to the mixes over and over, seeing if there is any last minute tweaks or changes that need to be done before mastering. I've made a couple notes and on Tuesday I go back to the studio to finish mixing and hopefully do(and finish) the mastering too. I'm going to be going out of town for a month, so I was hoping to finish all of this and mail it off to get the CD's printed while I was gone. If I'm able to finish everything tuesday, I could have the CD's printed and in hand as early as August 1st, however, if we don't finish, the date will probably be more like October 1st.

Trying not to rush things, but I got my fingers crossed that we can pull it all off tuesday.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to getting out of NYC for a while. Its funny, whenever I'm in New York, I can't wait to get away, then whenever I leave, I get bored quickly and can't wait to get back. I gotta figure out how i can change this feeling. My band Red Light Growler is still in the process of booking our short tour for August. Its proven surprisingly difficult. Our band doesn't really fall into specific genre's cleanly. Its kind of a rock band, and has a singer, but no lyrics, but then it has trumpet solos, but its not really jazz. This all makes it tough to book. We've got a few dates so far, trying to get a solid week of 8 gigs locked in. Lastly, my lease runs out on Sept 1st and I'll be moving. I'm really looking forward to a fresh start. I'm going to get my own place. The past few months have been a bit difficult with the schedules of my other two roommates. I like to write music everyday and have a piano in the living room which I use, but because of our schedules, I haven't been able to use it, so I haven't been writing as much, which is frustrating. In my next place, I'll be living alone. I can see myself being really productive. I can't wait~

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