Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Blog #83: Mastered

So, we did it. Finished the mixing touch-ups and mastering yesterday. The CD sounds beautiful. Mike Marciano did an awesome job mixing and mastering. I finally got the track lengths and emailed them to my artist Julio. He'll add those the the CD design, I'll listen over the the master a few (hundred) times just to be sure there are no mistakes or imperfections and then we ship it off to get printed up.

I felt a lot more involved this time around for some reason, even though it was pretty much the same process. I guess I just have a deeper understanding of the different parts that go into making a CD. I also know more what can be done in the studio, and that changed my writing process a bit. Mixing is okay, but I like mastering. In mastering you get to actually make the CD and put the tracks together, including how much space is between them. On this record I wrote the music so each track would flow into the next, this made the mastering process really fun. There is no space between tracks. I finally got to hear the concept I came up with months and months ago come to life. This album sounds like one long, flowing piece of music, not just a bunch of tracks. This is the way this music would ideally be performed, but with minimal rehearsal time, and not of lot of gigs in a row, its hard to get a band to play the music like that live. Once I send the CD off to get printed up, I pretty much wait, and then the next part will be promoting, getting reviews, and setting up some shows with this band.

AND writing new music for some new projects, this is what I'm really excited about. Its always about the next project.

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