Friday, April 22, 2011

Recording Album #2

The unassuming entrance to one of the best recording studios in the world: Systems 2

Blog # 76: Recording Album #2

So I'm relaxing in my room, recovering from the past two days. Super tired. We did 95% of the material on the first day, and played pretty much 11:30-6:00. The original plan was to play the 6 longer songs on the first day and then to do the shorter pieces, intros and connecting material the second day. I knew Ziv, the drummer, had to leave early the second day, so he was really pushing to finish everything the first day so he could drive to Boston the next day for a gig and not worry about being late. This kinda gave me a little more of a sense of 'urgency' about the recording. So I ended up saying 'fuck it, lets just see how much we can get done' and pushed through any 'chop' fatigue with musicality(!)

After going home and listening to the stuff I decided that we weren't going to do any more full takes the second day(everything sounded pretty good). We ended up just cleaning up melodies, did a few intros(one with bass and trumpet) and a piano and trumpet duet. I almost didn't play this piece at the last second because I thought we might not end up using it, but was VERY glad we did it. It turned out to be one of my favorite things we recorded and will most likely be the last tune on the CD. I also did a piece with 4 overdubbed trumpets and piano that sounds pretty cool.

Lastly I'll say that everyone was super cool to work with and played really well together. We had only played together as a band once the sunday before we recorded, but the band came together great. Also, big 'thanks' to everyone at Systems 2: my favorite recording studio. They make it so easy to record and everything always sounds beautiful (There are always, 'I played that? wow!' moments)

Listening to how great these songs sound, I really think I have to try to book some gigs with this band and get this music out there more. Its a shame jazz clubs won't book me because I don't have a big name(or really any name!). Because this music sounds great.

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