Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Schedule

Blog # 72: April

I have been slacking with my blog this past month. Lots of rehearsals and scheduling. I've been gearing up for what is going to be the busiest month I've had in a while. It is so busy, I've warned my close friends that I'm going to be MIA and that they should consider me 'gone' until May. Here is my itinerary, for those that are around and want to see me perform. I have some dates with Joe and John Beaty's big band 'Morning Musuko', this band plays jazz covers of Japanese Pop songs. Recording with my friend Deric Dickens: he's doing an album of duo performances, other people on that album include Matt Wilson, Jeff Lederer, Jeremy Udden, Kirk Knuffke and Ben Cohen. I'm also playing with my band 'Red Light Growler' in Brooklyn, this group plays a mix of Post-rock-indie-rock-jazz. Then in Philly with a jazz quartet led by me; playing mostly standards and then finally the last week of April, recording my album in Brooklyn with Jeremy Udden-Alto Sax, Julian Pollack-Rhodes, Julian Smith- Bass, Ziv Ravtiz-drums. I'm fired up to do this record, it's going to be great. I also have a lot of rehearsals and whatnot filling out this busy schedule. April: Let's do this :)

April 7th and 8th: Recording Deric Dicken's Album

April 8th: w/ "Morning Musuko", Philly, @ Mausoleum of Contemporary Art

April 9th: w/ "Morning Musuko", DC @ Cherry Blossom Festival

April 11th: w/ Red Light Growler @ Bar 4 Brooklyn

April 13th: w/ Jon Crowley Quartet, Philly @ Chris' Jazz Cafe

April 20th and 21st: Recording Jon Crowley 2nd Album

If I'm playing in a city near you, come by, check out the music, and come say 'hi'

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