Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Poll Results

Blog 65: Poll Results:

The Poll Results are in! I had a poll on the sidebar of this website going for a few months, asking everybody who reads this blog what they would like to see more of. Here are the results:

56% Free Bootlegs of my Live Shows and Rehearsals

43% Talk of Life as a Musician

37% My Thoughts on Music

37% Educational- Music Theory and Improv Ideas

37% Trumpet Exercises and Technique

31% Discussions on Composing Music

25% Charts of my Tunes

18% Transcribed Jazz Solos

12% Shameless Self-Promotion

SO, Ask and ye shall receive! I'm going to try to record more live shows and rehearsals this year and post them on this website, or put up a link to , where I usually post live bootlegs. I'm going to try to record all sorts of different music projects I'm in and post them, so there should be a lot of variety; from the post-rock band 'Red Light Growler', to my minimalist-jazz project, some pop-rock stuff, to some straight-ahead standards, ballads etc. Maybe I'll even link some of the music I've been writing for Solo piano.

The second most votes went to 'Talk of Life as a Musician'. I can't even exactly remember what I meant when I wrote that, but I guess I can talk more about the struggles of being a working musician in NYC and the US. Maybe I will talk more about the day to day stuff of what a musician does to make rent, keep playing etc. I also have a camera and Flip Video recorder, so I'm going to try to record and take more pictures of going to gigs, hanging out, talking tunes, discussions about music with friends. Maybe I'll make some sort of video montage type stuff of my life in New York and playing gigs.

Tied for third, is 'My Thoughts on Music', 'Educational stuff' and 'Trumpet stuff'. I haven't put much of this stuff on this blog before. The closest I did was some exercises on Octave Displacement : and a few entires about Voiceleading: Voice Leading in Composition So more of this stuff too.

I'm looking forward to doing more stuff in this direction. This blog has been going on for almost 2 years now, looking forward to covering some different ground.


Lastly, 'Shameless Self-Promotion' only got 12% of the votes :(

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