Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Album Status

Photo from 'Connections' recording Session Jan '09

Blog # 56: New Album Status

So as I've mentioned a few times in previous blogs, I'm hoping to record my second album this spring. Right now, I'm refining my concept and am finishing up writing the music. The music on this album will be a departure from my last record, 'Connections', which was a 'modern straight-ahead' record. The new record will use elements of minimalism, indie rock rhythms, along with improvised solos, and will be much more of a 'concept' album. Some of the songs I've already finished and have been playing them live, figuring out exactly what I want to do with each of them and getting comfortable playing on the forms and chord structures. 'Shine', 'Progress', 'Patience', and 'Fixation' will all appear on the new album. (you can hear some of these tunes in their early stages on my bandcamp website: www.JonCrowleyMusic.bandcamp.com)

When I wrote 'Fixation', and wanted to have an interlude piece played before like an intro, which is how I came up with 'Patience'. This got me thinking, and I've decided the album will have several longer compositions with shorter interludes between them. It is my hope to use the 'interludes' to bring the whole album together into one large piece, that is the whole album. These interludes won't just be random intro's, but will hopefully link song to song to make a more seamless flow. I'm also thinking of using these interludes, to combine different instruments in the band. Maybe one Interlude will be solo piano, another just bass and trumpet.

I'd like to write 3 more tunes (I have one already half-finished) then work on the 'connecting' material. Then ideally I'd like get the band to play a few live shows, to get it all working smoothly.

I've also started to figure out who I want to use on the next record. Some people I want to use I've only played with a little, but think there is potential with, others I've done a lot of playing and gigging with. I know a few of the people I hope to get have never played with each other, so I'm also trying to set up some sessions soon to make sure the chemistry is good. Some of these guys are pretty big names and pretty busy; so we'll see what happens. (sorry to be so vague and mysterious here, but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by saying too much now).

Lastly, I'd like to say that I've been thinking a lot about what I want to say with this album and what I want to express. I keep coming back the idea and progression of: 'Sadness, Suffering, Hope, Triumph', which has become the working title for the album and that is what I'm trying to express with this music.

I'm starting to get excited about this project as it comes together. The next step is to finish the music and start looking for funding.

Stay tuned......

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