Saturday, September 4, 2010

Live at Chris' Jazz Cafe 8/26/10

Blog # 53: Live at Chris' Jazz Cafe 8/26/10

A week or so ago I took a band down to Philly to play at Chris' Jazz Cafe. None of us had played together in a few months because of summer tours, being out of town, work, vacations etc. We also didn't have a chance to rehearse before the gig, so I thought it might be a good chance to play some standards for a change and some easier(lead sheet-style) tunes of mine.

The gig (and the drive) were a blast, everyone played well and the audience was awesome. It was actually our biggest crowd yet at Chris' and a few friends that came out said it was their favorite show we've done. A few days before the gig I rediscovered my old Couesnon flugelhorn in my closet while I was cleaning my apartment. I hadn't really been playing flugelhorn for about a year now and I had totally forgotten about this magic instrument. It was like seeing an old friend; I played it on 'In the wee small hours of the morning', 'Wind Chimes' and 'Theresa'(written for my mother). I love playing ballads and I plan on playing it a lot in the future.

I was able hide my recorder under the piano, and got most of the show(a couple of tracks had some distortion and weren't usable). Just finished cutting it into tracks and uploaded it on my bandcamp website for FREE download (or you can listen from the site too). This recording is rare opportunity to hear my band play standards, we usually play all originals of mine.

Lastly, I wanna say Julian Pollack played an unbelievably gorgeous piano intro on 'In the Wee Small hours of the Morning'. This kid is so talented, keep an eye and ear out for him.


Jon Crowley- Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Julian Pollack- Piano

Peter Schwebs- Bass

Nick Anderson- Drums

('Wind Chimes', 'Theresa', 'Don't Vibe Me', and 'Mind Travel' are by Jon Crowley)

I hope to put up a lot more bootlegs in the future, include some of my new rock band 'Red Light Growler'.

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