Monday, September 13, 2010

Jazz Musician Bio's

Blog #55: Jazz Musician Bio's

A friend and I have an ongoing joke about Jazz Musician Bio's, and the new trend for people to boast and exaggerate about their accomplishments, or mention irrelevant information to gain credibility. Several venues will even list the musician's bio on their website, as a way to hype the gig, or validate the performer. My friend found one recently that even used the phrase. "Near Genius IQ" to describe the musician in question. I read another bio that claimed "______ is the most promising new tenor saxophone player of her generation". (wow, pretty lofty statement until you realize, she wrote it in her own bio). I know another musician, (who happens to be a fantastic player), who has 'Degree in Physics and Mathematics' from an Ivy League School in his bio. This has nothing to do with music, other than to imply: 'He is probably a genius, so if you don't like his music, you're probably not smart enough to get it.' I understand the point of a Bio is to let people know a little bit about yourself and what makes you special but some of these exaggerations are just down right crazy to me(and perhaps crazier is that the public/industry people/venues believe this hype). To me, the Truth is in the music, the rest is Bullshit.

So to stay competitive in the JazzWorld, I've created a new bio. Maybe it will lead me to fame, fortune and commercial success too:

Genius, Jon Crowley is one of the most talented people who has ever walked the earth. While in elementary school, Jon realized he could cure aids and cancer if he focused his energies toward pursuing a career in medicine. Instead, Jon thought his amazing god given gifts would be better put to use by changing every person's life for the better who listened to his music. Have you ever heard of Mozart, Beethoven, John Coltrane or Miles Davis? Jon is better than all of them combined. Simply put, Jon is the Best musician who has ever been and ever will be.

I think I should probably make it a little longer.

**I want to say, the musician who mentions his degree in physics and mathematics, I understand he's just sharing information about himself, that will help people know him better. And why shouldn't he share it? I am only pointing out the fallacy of how other people may use this information to validate his music. coincidentally, I actually do like his music :)

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