Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pop Music Today

Blog # 49: Pop Music Today:

Yesterday I was flipping around the TV and paused on the MTV Movie Awards. I was curious as to what music they were going to feature. I tend not to follow this sort of thing, but once again curiosity got the better of me. I caught Christina Aguilera's performance. WTF. I was left with only one question: Is this what popular music is now?

While I've never really been a huge fan of popular music(I'm speaking of the stuff you'd hear on TV or the Radio), I usually find what is popular today to be very interesting. For example, its interesting that GreenDay can write the same song about being a rebellious youth and market it to generation after generation of the same age kids. There will always be 12 year olds with skateboards who can relate to the music. But I found Chistina's new song to be interesting on a whole different level. Simply, it was the lowest common denominator i've ever seen in a pop song. The message: Christina enjoys receiving oral sex.

And though, there have been sexual driven songs in the past, I don't think they've ever been so direct. When I was in high school Britney Spears was at her peak of popularity, her message: 'she's not that innocent'. Okay, I get it: sexual suggestive, without going into the details. Makes the listener use his/her imagination. School girl uniform: cliche, obvious, but classic. Then, I remember a few years ago when there was a song out with the lyrics "I'll take you to the candy shop, let you lick the lolly pop". Clearly, this song was metaphorical, but Christina's song is pretty much just a description of how she enjoys oral sex. There was no innuendo or double entendre. The only loose analogy being 'her ___ tastes like cake'. (I know, isn't she classy?)

Then she tells us all about how she enjoys a good 'Licky lick' and encourages the women in the audience to cheer if they also enjoy oral. She strikes a pose, the lights go out in the theater and a light-up heart appears on her vagina. The Audience erupts in thunderous applause! And I'm left thinking: really? Is this what is considered 'good' music today?

(I'll take a second now to analyze the music(ignoring the lyrical content). Musically, the song was forgettable, and frankly, they could have played it at the 2001 MTV music awards and no one would have thought it weird at all(musically). Pop music really hasn't changed at all(musically speaking) in the past 10 years. Its the same beats, and the same chord progressions. It really feels like 1 person is writing all of the music for all of the artists today.)

Now back to the sexual content of the song. Its just plain sad that that is what it comes to. I don't know if the artists are thinking, 'I better make this song extremely sexual so people will buy my record' but that's what it seems like. It makes me wonder what's next. Songs about other basic bodily functions? Maybe songs about masturbation, songs about taking a good shit? The possibilities are endless!! I guess I'm okay with people talking about these things, but its the public nature of POP music that seems so wrong and awful. There are young kids watchin' this stuff on TV!

Finally, I went on Youtube and looked up people's responses to Christina's performance. Surprisingly, most people felt the same way i did! Maybe there is a limit to how much Slutty-ness the american public can take. God I hope so.

For now, I guess I'm just one of those 'shocked old people'.

You can check her performance out on youtube:

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