Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Blog # 43: Miscellaneous

I'm back in NYC now after a week or so of Traveling. I went back to Philadelphia and spent some time at home, then back to NYC, and then back to Philly again to play a gig and now I'm back NYC. I recorded the show with Audio and I also got most of the first set on my FlipVideo.

Besides the gig, I've been laying pretty low. I was getting a bit burned out with scheduling rehearsals and sessions. Its a pretty big pain in the ass to have to call and organize everyone's schedules and find a day in common; especially when these things get cancelled last minute sometimes when gigs come up. Every musician's schedule is pretty random, so its hard to coordinate. So for the past month, I haven't played too many sessions, I've just been locked up in my apartment practicing hard, writing new music, fixing issues in my playing and developing new concepts. I could go into further detail, but I like to keep some surprises. Now I feel recharged, and will probably go into another phase of playing a lot of sessions and rehearsals. From my gig last week, I'm reminded how much is developed just from playing with people.

I've also found myself listening more and more to different types of music and seeing how they are all related. Living in New York City and hearing so many Jazz musicians play tons of notes has made me really appreciate simple, less-complicated music. I've been listening to some Steve Reich and Philip Glass and have been really digging the minimalist thing. My next album will probably combine Minimalism and Jazz; and I've been writing a lot of new music with this approach. I've also been listening a lot to some Indie rock bands. I just got a new album by David Bazan called 'Curse your Branches', which is pretty amazing. Bazan is an ex-evangelical christian and this album is all about the confusion he has in believing in God. Its nice to hear a rock musician dealing with something heavy like that and not just being heartbroken about a girl. I'm starting to hear how Minimalism, Gamelan music, Indie Rock, and Bach are all very related.

As far as my own music in the future, I don't really care what people label it. I have no urge to 'Save Jazz'(which is a frequently discussed topic, and funny thought to me). I don't feel much of a need personally to maintain the tradition, although I'm fine with other people doing it. I just want to keep making music that I like to listen to, whatever style it may be. To me there are only two types of music; good and bad.

Here are some video clips from the gig on 4/1/10, This is my arrangement of the Sam Rivers tune 'Beatrice'

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