Sunday, August 16, 2009

CD Promotional Tour

Blog #21: CD Promotional Tour

While there are STILL no updates from Discmakers or CDbaby, and all I can do is wait and send them annoying emails...

This week I am doing some dates in Philadelphia and DC. I will also have a box of CDs with me, so this will be the first time I'll have the records available for purchase.

For these gigs I was actually lucky enough to get the band from the record(minus John Beaty on Sax). We will be playing some music from the record as well as some new material. For those of you who have heard my music before, we will also be doing some new arrangements of older songs of mine. I'm excited to make some older compositons 'fresh and new' as well as debuting some brand new songs. This will also be my first tour on my new monette B6 mouthpiece(Thanks again Eric!), after 8 years playing my Bach 5C, looking forward to trial by fire!

here's the gig info:

Wednesday August 19th @ Chris' Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia 8-11pm

Thursday August 20th @ Twins Jazz, DC 8-11pm


Jon Crowley- Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Compositions

Yayoi Ikawa- Piano

Peter Schwebs- Bass

Nick Anderson- Drums

Hope to see you there!


Cover is $10


Blog #20: Reviews

So here's my first ever review from

"The debut solo effort from jazz trumpeter Jon Crowley, Connections is a cerebral yet propulsive affair that reveals Crowley to be a formidable talent on the rise. Although Connections is clearly a showcase for Crowley's original writing and forward-thinking trumpet playing, the album also features his stellar ensemble of musicians who have played this music extensively together before recording it, lending a true group aesthetic to the material. Joining Crowley here are alto saxophonist John Beaty, pianist Yayoi Ikawa, bassist Peter Schewbs, and drummer Nick Anderson. In fact, Crowley is so deferential to his crew -- he doesn't even take a solo on the opening title track -- that you sometimes have to remind yourself this is his album. That said, Crowley quickly follows up with the thoughtfully rambling "Momentum," where he delves into a knotty and harmonically layered improvisation. Artfully simplistic, the track is a harbinger of things to come, as much of Crowley's taste leans toward meditative, harmonically deep compositions that create a womb-like atmosphere while allowing for exploratory solos. In that sense, such tracks as the Middle Eastern-tinged "Tabula Rasa," the moody ballad "Ambrosia," and the brooding "Icarus" bring to mind a mix of Billy Strayhorn's complex elegance and Herbie Hancock's early expansive modal compositions. Similarly engaging, the gladiatorial "Vista" builds mid-way through with Crowley and Beaty engaged in a roiling call-and-response battle of wills, and the driving post-bop burner "Right Now" reveals Crowley's obvious love for such trumpet giants as Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw. Ultimately, though, Crowley is not a swaggering, boastful, artistic presence especially for a trumpeter. Which isn't to say he's a jazz wallflower. Rather, Crowley is a thoughtful jazz explorer, happy to crest and undulate on waves of harmonic color as he caravans his way toward the horizon."

-Matt Collar

I sent the record off to a few other media outlets, its a bit strange asking for reviews, but I have virtually nothing written about me as far as magazines/reviews/ I gotta working on this