Saturday, June 27, 2009

Special Delivery!

Blog # 17

Special Delivery!

Yesterday I came home to a wonderful sight: 11 boxes stacked outside my house(my parent's house actually, I'm in PA at the moment and had them sent there).

I popped open the box and got the first look at my CD, which I have to say was a pretty cool experience.  I put it into my CD player and everything sounds great.

I also got an email from discMakers letting me know that 5 of my CD's have been sent to CDbaby and apparently I will be able to have my CD available for sale from them within 10 Days, and itunes soon after.

Also, the CDDB database(what itunes uses) should have my info on the CD soon(in the next 2 days), which means when you put the CD into your computer all the tracks and album info will pop up.

In association with Discmakers' 'distribution package', one of my CD's has been sent to "All music will enter my information into their database so that my songs and album info will display when my CD is played on Windows Media Player or an internet-connected PC".

Now I have the CDs, next step...making them available for purchase!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Waiting pt 2

                                                 John Beaty- Alto Sax

Blog # 16: More Waiting

Not much has happened since my last blog entry.  I'm still waiting on DiscMakers to finish printing up the CDs.  They are scheduled to ship a large box of CDs to me on June 25th, can't wait to get them in my hands.  One thing I'm in the process of doing right now is scheduling some gigs for August and September(I will be out of town in July, so the live shows and promotion of the album will have to wait a little bit).

So far I've got two dates scheduled for Philadelphia and DC, hopefully I can schedule some more dates consecutively.  I'm also looking into playing in Boston, Baltimore, and Trenton.  If there's any clubs near you that you'd like me to play at drop me a line with the location and club name and I'll do my best to bring my band there(no location is too remote!)

Here's the dates so far:

August 19th 2009: Chris' Jazz Cafe.....Philadelphia

August 20th 2009: Twins Jazz .............DC

I've also recently got a few new media contacts, so there's a good chance you might be hearing my new CD on the radio soon :)

Besides this Album stuff, I've also been writing a lot of new music for a new group I'm starting to put together.  Still working out the details and trying to get the band chemistry right....stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sneak Peak (First Listen)

Blog #15 Sneak Peak (First Listen)

As the moment i'm doing some more waiting.  There was a little last minute confusion over whether I wanted the 2 or the 4 panel insert for the CD.  After clearing all that up with disc Makers, I gave the final okay and they are now printing the CD up.  The estimated shipping date is the 25th of this month(June), so I should be able to reach my July 1st deadline (although it'll be close).

As a sneak peak for the CD I just posted 3 song samples on my myspace page; 'Connections', 'Tabula Rasa' and 'Ambrosia'.  Please check out the samples from the upcoming CD

Business Time

                               The Inside of the CD Book

                              My New Business Cards

Blog # 14 Business Time

Since my last entry I've been trying to get a few more business things taken care of.  I've always been bad at self-promotion and the business side of music.  I've always just worked on getting better as a musician(for the record I haven't stopped working on that).  I've never had head shots taken, and until doing this CD, I've always relied on bootlegs and word-of-mouth to get gigs.  I started this website as the first step of 'getting my Sh@% together'.

I have also just purchased some web real-estate from  For now will forward you to myspace page, but hopefully by the end of the year I will have a real website up and running.  I've got a lot of great Ideas to keep it updated frequently and interesting.  (I also bought in case of mis-spellings).

Since my last entry I also had some business cards printed up, as silly as it sounds I never had business cards.  They are in the same style of the art for the CD, which is cool.