Sunday, October 11, 2009

Advertising and the College Market

Blog #28: Advertising and The College Market

So now that the album is finished I've been trying to get the word out.

Here is where I've advertised so far:

email to friends/fans

myspace message

myspace 'bulletin' forum announcement forum announcement

Different 'groups' on facebook

Facebook messages to friends/fans


I've also sent CDs to be reviewed at

Jazz Times

I've sold some CD's through these different approaches but so far nothing compares to playing a show and selling copies afterwards. It seems like that's the time I sell the most CDs.

At the moment I am also doing some research into possibly playing at Colleges in the future. I had a flyer/postcard made that I'm going to send to Colleges and see if I can get some gigs. Playing for colleges intrigues me, because Jazz Clubs outside of New York are generally pretty musically conservative(Jazz Clubs in New York are very clicky). My music is modern but not avant garde. This kind of middle ground makes it kind of difficult to find venues that cater to this. There are a lot of jazz clubs that feature nothing but straight-ahead jazz and a lot of performance spaces that feature Avant garde music, but not a lot that are really open to creative instrumental music that doesn't fit into a specific box.

Colleges, and young people in general, are pretty open to different things, so I'm curious to see how gigs at Colleges go over. So far I've called a bunch of schools and gotten mailing address for 'Student Activities' and have sent some flyers. We'll see what happens.

I'm looking forward to the hustle and trying to figure out this whole 'business' thing. It is a new challenge.


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