Sunday, July 19, 2009

Delays pt 2

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Blog # 18: Delays pt 2

SO, I haven't updated this blog for almost a month now, because I'm in another period of waiting due to a lot of delays.  I have all the CD's in boxes at my house, but am still waiting for CDbaby, Amazon and itunes to get the CD available.

CDbaby is supposed to email me 2 days after the CD was done and then it was supposed to be 10 days to have it ready to sell on their website AND through itunes(they have a deal set up between the two).  HOWEVER, I was told they are backed up about two weeks at the moment(which I have learned now through the CD process that 2 weeks usually means at least 1-2 months...or according to ASCAP 4 months or so).....though I've got my fingers crossed that 2 weeks means 2 weeks this time.  The only people that have finished what they said they'd do on time was Discmakers; so props to them.

There was also a problem with the Tracks Label when I first got the CD.  When I put the CD into my computer it said "Unknown artist, unknown tracks", because the CDDG database(what itunes uses) didn't have my info yet.  After a week or so the info finally popped up as "The JONATHAN Crowley Quintet", and the CD was filed under 'compilations', which is weird.  I contacted Discmakers and they fixed this all up for me so it would be "The JON Crowley Quintet".  So now everything is Good on that front.

I've also opened my own 'Amazon Advantage' account.  Which means I will be able to sell my CD's on  They will be a little more money on amazon, because they take a good chuck off the top.  I think it ends up being worth it because Amazon is such a widely used website.  I'm still finishing up setting this up, but the CD already appears on their website.  From what I gather, once someone buys the CD off amazon, amazon sends me an email and I mail that person a CD.  Amazon then deposits my percentage of the sale into my bank account.  (amazon offers a physical check option but that costs $15 per you'd be LOSING money that way!).  I should also mention Amazon requires the CD to have a barcode in order to be sold on their website.  I had a barcode put on the CD by Discmakers, so that's taken care of.

price-wise the CD will go for:

Amazon- $17.99

CDbaby- $14.99

itunes download- $9.99

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