Saturday, June 27, 2009

Special Delivery!

Blog # 17

Special Delivery!

Yesterday I came home to a wonderful sight: 11 boxes stacked outside my house(my parent's house actually, I'm in PA at the moment and had them sent there).

I popped open the box and got the first look at my CD, which I have to say was a pretty cool experience.  I put it into my CD player and everything sounds great.

I also got an email from discMakers letting me know that 5 of my CD's have been sent to CDbaby and apparently I will be able to have my CD available for sale from them within 10 Days, and itunes soon after.

Also, the CDDB database(what itunes uses) should have my info on the CD soon(in the next 2 days), which means when you put the CD into your computer all the tracks and album info will pop up.

In association with Discmakers' 'distribution package', one of my CD's has been sent to "All music will enter my information into their database so that my songs and album info will display when my CD is played on Windows Media Player or an internet-connected PC".

Now I have the CDs, next step...making them available for purchase!


  1. Congrats, Jon! That is indeed a great day. I think it's the closest we'll get to giving birth! ;)

    Looking forward to getting my copy.

  2. congratulations! they look great!