Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Business Time

                               The Inside of the CD Book

                              My New Business Cards

Blog # 14 Business Time

Since my last entry I've been trying to get a few more business things taken care of.  I've always been bad at self-promotion and the business side of music.  I've always just worked on getting better as a musician(for the record I haven't stopped working on that).  I've never had head shots taken, and until doing this CD, I've always relied on bootlegs and word-of-mouth to get gigs.  I started this website as the first step of 'getting my Sh@% together'.

I have also just purchased some web real-estate from Godaddy.com.  For now www.JonCrowleyMusic.com will forward you to myspace page, but hopefully by the end of the year I will have a real website up and running.  I've got a lot of great Ideas to keep it updated frequently and interesting.  (I also bought www.JohnCrowleyMusic.com in case of mis-spellings).

Since my last entry I also had some business cards printed up, as silly as it sounds I never had business cards.  They are in the same style of the art for the CD, which is cool.

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