Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DiscMakers (printing the CD)

                  Some different looks for the CD from the Artist

Blog  #13 Printing the CD

Yesterday I called up DiscMakers to make arrangements to have the CD 'replicated'(copied and printed up).  They were super helpful with me on the phone and answered some last minute questions.  I decided to add a bar code to the back of the CD, so right now the only thing I'm waiting for is the final layout for the back of the CD from my Artist.  It is also worth mentioning that each CD printing place uses their own template, so its best to figure out where you're going to print your CD before contacting the artist(or early on), so that they can work within each printer's format.  We had done this, so it made everything a lot easier.

I had planned on having 500 CD's printed, but for 10 dollars more they would print 1000(!).  They have a sale going on right now, so I thought it was a pretty good deal!  I decided to go with regular jewel cases with a 2 page insert.

Once I get the final image for the back of the album, I will mail Discmakers the 'Plant Master'(a final version of the CD) along with a Data CD of the album art, and then they can start printing up some CDs for me (they say it will take about 12 days).

Discmakers also had a great deal where if you pay $40 they will sign you up for a package which makes your music available on CD baby, itunes, Rhapsody, Napster and DigStation.  They also register your name, album title and track titles, so they will display on your computer when you put the CD in.

Hopefully I get get everything in the mail to them today or tomorrow.  I'm hoping to have the CD available for purchase by July 1st at the latest.


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  2. Hey Jon! Your designs look great! We are very pleased to hear how happy you are with our service. Thanks for choosing Disc Makers for this project!

  3. Looks great, Jon! Can't wait to see/hear the finished product.

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