Wednesday, April 1, 2009


                    John Beaty-alto,  Jon Crowley-trumpet

Blog #7: Mixing

Friday(4/27) I went back to the studio for a marathon Mixing session.  We finished all 10 songs(including 2 versions of Icarus).  Mixing, for those out there that don't know, consists primarily of balancing the levels of the different instruments.  This process is REALLY important because this is essentially what the CD will sound like.  If the horns are too loud or the drums are too quiet or the instruments are panned strangely its going to make the recording sound crappy. 

This session at the studio I worked with Joe Marciano, who was my recording engineer during the actual recording.  For the most part, I stayed out of his way and let him work his magic, then he'd play it back and ask me if I had any suggestions.  I only chimed in a few times with things like "Well, this part the trumpet has the melody so it should be highest in the mix" or "Can we bring down the piano comping during the head here".  For the most part though, I just sat back and listened to how great it all sounded played back.

Overall, mixing took 8 hours to finish.  Just like editing, I can see how some people can spend a LOT of time doing it.  I am happy with the way it all turned out, and am now listening to the Mixed tracks for any last minute corrections/improvements we can make. I am also thinking a lot about what order to put the songs in; which will happen next during Mastering.

Things are just starting to get interesting, there are a bunch of new topics that I will talk about in this blog soon including: Publishing, Copyrights, Printing, Mastering, Graphic Design, Press Photos, Distribution, Contract with stay tuned!!

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