Sunday, April 12, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

                          John Beaty- Alto Sax    Jon Crowley-Flugelhorn

Blog #8: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

SO, since I finished mixing I have been listening to the songs a lot and really thinking about what order to put the tracks in.  I think the key here is to start strong and have a good flow to the tracks.  Obviously if you put all your up-tempo stuff first and all of your ballads last, it would make for a poorly organized CD.  At the same time, you want to make sure you end your CD strong.  I've been told that some people(music biz people) will only listen to the first few minutes of the first few tracks, so I've got to makes sure I start strong.  I've got a few potential CD song orders, just have to keep mulling it over before I make that final decision.

I've also been reviewing the mixes and making sure I like the way everything sounds.  I've had some friends listen to the tracks to to get a second opinion.  At this point I've listened to the tracks so many times that it helps to have a fresh set of ears.

I'm also in the research phase of the Album Cover Design and layout.  I've gotten some recommendations from a few friends and am looking at the different artists' work and weighing my options.  So far I've had offers ranging from Free(I have some generous friends) to $1500(or more with revision costs).  I have some ideas as to the cover design and I know I want to include some photos from the session as well as some written liner notes.

This week I am preparing for some shows next week with my band, which will take place in NYC, Philly, and DC.  So final mastering will most likely occur after the 25th.

Here are the Dates:

Tues April 21st @ Parkside Lounge, NYC 9-10pm (Guest John Beaty-sax)

Weds April 22nd @ Chris's Jazz Cafe, Philly, 8-10:45pm

Thurs April 23rd @ Twins Jazz, DC, 8-11pm

w/ Julian Pollack- Piano

Greg Chudzick- Bass

Nick Anderson- Drums

Come out, Enjoy some Music and say 'Hey'

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