Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Copyrighting and Publishing

                                John Beaty-Sax, Jon Crowley- Trumpet

Blog# 10 Copyrighting and Publishing

Monday my friend John came by and walked me through the process of Copyrighting and Publishing the music from my CD.  First we went to the Govement website and filed an eCO.  We uploaded all of the tracks, and album artwork and sent it to them.  There was a processing fee of $35, and I got an account number.  Now I just wait(which could take months) until I hear from them, so baring some unforeseen incident the recording is now Copyrighted.  The forms were a bit confusing, so it was nice to have someone walk me through it.

Here is the Gov Copyright link:

Then we went to ASCAP, and set up a publishing company for me.  I came up with 4 or 5 possible names for the company, and now I will have to wait and see which name I get(I'm sure most of them will be taken, there's only so many words in the english language).  After I get confirmation from them(they said it should take about 2 weeks and that I will get a letter in the mail), I'll send them my music and that should take care of publishing.  Membership to ASCAP costs $40.

I think I will also mail myself a copy of the written music and audio CD later today too, just to be safe.  I think in the future I will copyright and publish stuff earlier(maybe even before we record), doing it this late in the process might put a halt on the release of the CD.  Live and Learn!!

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