Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Help with "Icarus"

Hey Everyone,

I'm about to do the mixing and need to start figuring out track order ETC. I have two takes of one song called "Icarus" which I both like.  I am having trouble deciding which to use on the album, so I thought I'd ask you.

SO, Here's how this will work:

send me an email at , In the email write the email address you want me to send the Mp3's to AND your Location ex. Brooklyn, New York.

THEN, after you've listened to the tracks, email me back saying which one you liked better.  (You can say, track 8 or track 10 or you can say "the one with the trumpet solo first" or "the one with the piano solo first"



PS:  These tracks have not been mixed yet, so you will be hearing the original studio format


  1. Both takes sound great, Jon! I just emailed you my thoughts. On one hand I don't envy you your hard decision, but look at it this way: you got two good takes of a song you thought was the biggest struggle of the session.

    I look forward to hearing the rest. The band sounds killin'!

  2. I'm really enjoying your blog Jon... especially this latest entry. You know from past discussions that I'm totally in love with the tune Icarus. I can't wait to hear both versions.

  3. I am not so sure I agree with your approach. I feel like real jazz records don't require these editing. Take Mile Davis for instance. He never uses thies editings.

  4. are we talking Edits or Splices? In a Silent way is a entire record made of splices. Ever notice that he plays the EXACT same thing on the 'head in' and 'head out' on "In a Silent Way/Its About that Time"? I was listening to his album Nefertiti and there is a very obvious splice on one of the tracks. By the end of Miles' Career, he would record solos over existing tracks. I was talking to a friend, who is a fairly big name in the New York Jazz scene and he said he did 90 hours(!) of editing and mixing on one of his albums. He is a very respected artist and the album sold very well. I've heard Joshua Redman and Pat Metheny will literally go through fast lines of their solos and 'punch in' individual notes. I've been told that there are 'punch in's', and splices on EVERY single Criss Cross record. If you think people aren't correcting little mistakes, you're delusional. While I agree that mistakes are one of the cool parts of jazz(and trust me, I left plenty on my record), I see nothing wrong with correcting a flubbed note during a melody. I left the improvisations alone though. Edits are a part of reality these days, everyone is editing and correcting mistakes...I'm just the only one honest enough to talk about it.