Saturday, March 21, 2009

Editing Part 2

                                               John Beaty- Alto Sax

Blog # 6: Editing Part 2

Wednesday(3/18/09) I went back to systems 2 and finished up with the last of the edits.  One interesting thing that I noticed was during one of my solos I played a line that ended with a very low note.  This note sounded kind of strange, so we went in to see what we could do with it.  It turns out that the note I played was lower than the actual range of the trumpet.  While improvising, it just came out naturally, so I decided to leave it in, and keep it on the track.

In  a previous blog, I had written how when we recorded most songs we did just one or two takes...but that there was one track we just couldn't get right and ended up doing 8 takes of.  This tune was called "Icarus" and I thought for sure it was going to be a Frankenstein(a final version cut up from many takes).  It turns out there were two nice versions that have very different vibes; one more up beat and active and one more light and open.  I ended up cleaning up both of them, and still haven't decided which one to use on the album.  I will probably put them both up on this website and take a survey to see what you guys think....

Max, who worked on the editing with me this week, burned me a CD of all the final versions(pre-final mixing) and I have been listening to them these past couple days.  I can honestly say that I'm starting to get very excited; All the musicians really brought it for the record, played great and I think the CD is going to be awesome.  I CAN'T wait for everyone to hear it.

Next up is Mixing....

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  1. I love following your progress, Jon! I'm in the writing/rehearsing stage right now and will enter the studio on April 8th with my band. Your posts are inspiring me.