Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Help with "Icarus"

Hey Everyone,

I'm about to do the mixing and need to start figuring out track order ETC. I have two takes of one song called "Icarus" which I both like.  I am having trouble deciding which to use on the album, so I thought I'd ask you.

SO, Here's how this will work:

send me an email at , In the email write the email address you want me to send the Mp3's to AND your Location ex. Brooklyn, New York.

THEN, after you've listened to the tracks, email me back saying which one you liked better.  (You can say, track 8 or track 10 or you can say "the one with the trumpet solo first" or "the one with the piano solo first"



PS:  These tracks have not been mixed yet, so you will be hearing the original studio format

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Editing Part 2

                                               John Beaty- Alto Sax

Blog # 6: Editing Part 2

Wednesday(3/18/09) I went back to systems 2 and finished up with the last of the edits.  One interesting thing that I noticed was during one of my solos I played a line that ended with a very low note.  This note sounded kind of strange, so we went in to see what we could do with it.  It turns out that the note I played was lower than the actual range of the trumpet.  While improvising, it just came out naturally, so I decided to leave it in, and keep it on the track.

In  a previous blog, I had written how when we recorded most songs we did just one or two takes...but that there was one track we just couldn't get right and ended up doing 8 takes of.  This tune was called "Icarus" and I thought for sure it was going to be a Frankenstein(a final version cut up from many takes).  It turns out there were two nice versions that have very different vibes; one more up beat and active and one more light and open.  I ended up cleaning up both of them, and still haven't decided which one to use on the album.  I will probably put them both up on this website and take a survey to see what you guys think....

Max, who worked on the editing with me this week, burned me a CD of all the final versions(pre-final mixing) and I have been listening to them these past couple days.  I can honestly say that I'm starting to get very excited; All the musicians really brought it for the record, played great and I think the CD is going to be awesome.  I CAN'T wait for everyone to hear it.

Next up is Mixing....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Editing Part 1

                                   Peter Schwebs- Bass
BLOG # 5: Editing Part 1

This week I went back to Systems 2 studio to do some editing with Mike Marciano. We got through 6 of the 9 tunes. Its pretty amazing what a good editor can do. On one track there was a moment when the drums and piano were a little off during a transition of a tune in 11/4, and we were able to move a cymbal hit, to where it sounds perfect. The biggest challenge during editing so far was my tune "Momentum". We did three takes of this song during the two days of recording. We had some really nice solos, and the heads sounded tight, but we didn't have a good ending(which was definitely my fault for not communicating better to the musicians what I wanted). All of the endings we had just sounded the like the tune was stumbling to a stop. My idea was to splice the last two bars of the head leading into the solos over the 'messed up' last two bars of the tune, and then to splice an alternate rhythm section intro to the end and fading from there. This was by far the biggest edit we did, and I would feel slightly guilty about it, if it wasn't for the fact that everyone took such nice solos on the tune; I had to make sure we got the track on the record.

One pleasant surprise was I had written down a couple of moments where I thought I might have been a little out of tune. Mike brought up this tool that shows you how in tune you were and I was surprised that I was right on 99% of the time(There was just one moment that I was adjusting my embouchure during a head that we had to fix). This made me feel good since playing in tune is something I've worked on while practicing these past couple years.

Everyone loves to point the finger at the trumpet player when something seems out-of-tune, so this was a nice little victory for me and my brass brothers! One more day of editing should finish it up...