Monday, February 9, 2009

Mission Statement

MY BLOG; Background Info

Hi everyone, my name is Jon Crowley. I’m am a jazz trumpet player living in New York City and this blog will follow the process of recording and releasing my first album. It is my hope that writing this will help other musicians, who are in the same position as me, avoid mistakes I make along the way, and learn from the successes that I have during this process. For non-musicians, I hope you can get a window into the process of what it takes to record and release an album.

I encourage you to write questions or replies to any of my entries

While working on the album I will also ask for your opinion, so in a way, YOU will be helping me make my album; pick song order, pick album cover, design concept ETC.

1 comment:

  1. Jon,

    I love this idea man. I will definitely check this out on a regular basis.